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Bob and Linda Aldrich bought The Inn at Weston, a Ludlow, Vermont area Inn, in May 2001, leaving behind former careers in medicine, Bob as a Cardiologist, and Linda as a Cardiac Rehabilitation nurse. They had entered practice in New Jersey in 1979, and almost immediately began coming to Vermont frequently for vacations, and a general recharging of our souls. They stayed in many inns and met many innkeepers and came to love the peace, relaxation, and friendliness that is so characteristic of inn life.

By the 1980’s they found themselves talking about “owning an inn someday”. By 1993 they had talked about that so much that they felt it important to take a course, to be certain we were not fooling themselves. The course was entitled “So you want to be an innkeeper” and it was taught by Bill Oates and Heide Bredfeldt. The course was realistic and informative and they left with a renewed desire to own an inn, and they wanted that to be in Vermont.

Then, from their perspective, changes began to occur in the world of medicine, and they were not for the better. These included the rise of power and control of HMO’s, the increasingly litigious atmosphere in medicine, and hospital consolidations, buy-outs, and closures. By 2000 they had decided to begin their search for an inn in Vermont, and this culminated with the purchase of The Inn at Weston in 2001.

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Shortly after arriving, they built the library in the front room, which now houses an extensive book collection, both fiction and non-fiction covering a wide range of topics. Guests are encouraged to peruse the collection, and if anything is of interest to feel welcome to take a book home, finish it, and mail it back to the Inn. This happens all the time, and many interesting conversations have been sparked by the volumes in the library.

They constructed a state of the art greenhouse, and this now contains a collection of about 500 orchids, always a source of enjoyment for guests. They completed a deck and gazebo attached to the pub and dining room, and this is now a sought after area for dining in the summer months. They added a grand piano to the dining room, and diners now enjoy live piano music nightly. They have completely redone the inn’s many garden areas, and have added several new garden areas, and all of these are wonderful spaces for enjoying a good book, a morning cup of coffee, or an afternoon glass of wine. They are also always adding new touches to the decor of the inn, and feature the work of many local artists, some of which is for sale.

Bob and Linda enjoy their life at the inn, and always appreciate the opportunity to meet new people, our guests, and they are also always happy to speak with anyone contemplating a future life of innkeeping. Please join us, and become a part of the Inn at Weston family.

Orchids & Greenhouse

We have been collecting and raising orchids for twenty five years and the greenhouse contains this large and varied collection. It is one of the largest private collections in the Northeast, containing over 375 unique species, hybrids, and mericlones and over 500 plants altogether. Some plants are huge, others are miniatures. Some are potted, others mounted on bark, tree fern or tree branches simulating the way they grow and thrive in nature. Phaleonopsis, vanda alliance, cattleya, laelia, oncidium alliance, bulbophyllum, paphiopedulum, miltonia, dendrobium, masdavellia, cymbidium and many rare species are all represented.

The greenhouse is just across the driveway from the inn and easily accessible for all our guests at both the inn and restaurant. It is always open for a leisurely stroll, but we are always available for a more detailed discussion of orchid biology or culture with particular attention to how to cultivate orchids in a home environment. If you have an orchid at home and are concerned about its health or culture, please feel free to bring it along and we’ll see if we can help – we’re even glad to re-pot your orchid if that is what it needs.