Experience Vermont at the Weston Village Store


Located right next door to our cozy Ludlow bed and breakfast, Weston Valley Store is full of quaint Vermont charm and local products that you have to check out! If authentic country flavor is something you’re looking for, you’ll enjoy a visit to this local favorite. Since 1981, The Weston Village Store has been delighting customers who stop by. The store prides itself in keeping up with the changing times while staying true to it’s small town values and simple Vermont goodness.

Weston Valley Store is located in one of the prettiest villages in the whole state of Vermont. It sits in a valley by the West River and surrounded by the lush Green Mountains. The unique way that the village of Weston has been able to stay true to its historic roots is something you will have to experience to truly understand. The entire village is on the National Register of Historic Places and the Weston Valley Store is the perfect place to see that for yourself!

Pick out a Nostalgic Sign to take home with you. There’s a selection for every taste. From Wizard of Oz and Spiderman to Captain America, you’ll be delighted by all the choices.


Weston Valley Store also has a delicious selection of local Vermont food, made from the freshest ingredients. Cheese, Fudge & Syrup are a few favorites for customers. Try the Maple Fudge for an indulgent treat or sample the rich taste of Neighborly Garlic Cheddar Cheese, the perfect thing to take home and share with friends and family at your next party.

If something to wear is more what you’re looking for, Weston Valley Store offers an entire selection of t-shirts and sweat pants from you to choose from. Pick out one that suits your style and take it home to represent your favorite vacation spot!

Weston Valley Store has no shortage of fun and unique souvenirs for you to check out when you visit. Do you have a family member, house sitter, or pet sitter back at home whom you’d like to bring back something special for? Choose a rustic looking Vermont mug, hot plate, or even a fun snow globe featuring a moose or covered bridge.

One of the best things about Weston is the gorgeous Vermont scenery that’s present year-round. Remember it forever with one of Weston Valley Store’s beautiful puzzles. It’s much more fun than just a photograph!


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