Stress Management & Mindfulness Retreat in Vermont

Mindfulness Retreat in Weston, Vermont

For those of you who have no stress in your lives, read no further. For those of you who have periods of stress or have stress on a daily basis, we have the answer. On the weekend of October 28th – 30th, we will be hosting a Stress Management and Mindfulness Retreat here at our peaceful Vermont bed and breakfast.

We will be able to identify our stressors and learn coping mechanisms to help us deal with life’s challenges. When guests visit the Inn, I always ask, “What brings you here?” 100% of the time, guests respond, “We just needed a getaway.” I always wonder, “away from what?” Kids? Parents? Job? Technology?  Finances? All of us need “downtime.” The purpose of this retreat is to enhance life skills we already have to help us feel better, reduce stress and enjoy our lives a little more. Where better to do this than the beautiful Green Mountains of Vermont this fall.

The weekend is being hosted by Timothy St. Onge. He and his wife Patricia are engaged in the private practice of psychotherapy and meditation studies with adults, individuals and couples, and older adolescents. To learn more about Tim, your retreat leader, take a look at his impressive journey: Tim St Onge Bio

Stress Management/ Mindfulness Weekend Schedule:

Friday October 28th: Arrival

  • Meet and Greet
    • Tim and Pat will be here to greet you and let you know what to look forward to over the weekend
  • Simple Supper at The Inn at WestonLeader for Stress Management Event in Weston, Vermont

Saturday October 29th

  • 8-10 am: Breakfast at the Inn
  • 10:30-12 pm: Session 1 at The Church on the Hill
    • You will be introduced to the basics of mindfulness:
    • Each simple practice will deepen your appreciation of experiences that bring you happiness.
    • Comforting guidance for more full and open living.
    • Practical ways to have a healthy and more satisfying life.
    • Enrich your everyday experiences—moment to moment.
  • 12-3:30 pm: Lunch on your Own: We suggest the following local spots
    • Bryant House
    • Weston Marketplace (Sandwiches/Wraps)
    • Weston Village Shop
    • New American Grill
    • Free Range
  • 3:30-5 pm: Session 2 at The Church on the Hill
    • Practices that will help you reclaim your life.
    • Learn the many areas of life in which mindfulness can benefit your well being.
    • Learn present moment awareness to cope with changes and challenges of every day life.
    • Optional time for a visit to the Weston priory for evening Vespers at 5:30
  • 5:30-8 pm: Dinner at the Inn 

Sunday October 30th

  • 8-10 am: Breakfast at the Inn
  • 10:30-12pm: Session 3 – Church on the Hill
    • Recognize everyday happenings with fresh eyes.
    • Calm feelings of fear, uncertainty, and lack of control.
    • Discover your capacity to thrive with adversity.

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