The Famed Orchids of Weston. Hopefully Coming Back Soon...

Vermont Greenhouse Orchids

PhaleonopsisAscocendaLycasteCattleyaA scene in the greenhousePaphiopedulumPhaleonopsisPhaleonopsisPhaleonopsisCattleya “Molly Tyler”BeallaraEncycliaDendrobium aggregatumCattleya schilleriananaEncyclia prismatocarpumPhragmipediumBulbophyllumChiloschistaPhaleonopsisDendrobium palpebraeCattleyaAerangesCattleyaCoryanthes macranthaPhaleonopsis “Baldan’s Kaleidoscope”VandaA scene in the Greenhouse

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We are sorry to inform our loyal and supportive guests that due to a failure of the heating system of our greenhouse during the winter of 2014, we lost over 20 years of irreplaceable orchids and tropical plants. We are still working on our plans for 2015 and how we will rebuild. Check back throughout the year for more news.

The Inn has a state-of-the-art Vermont greenhouse which was recently filled with our extensive collection of orchids. Guests are still invited to tour the greenhouse at any time, or to do so with Bob, who has lectured widely in New England about these magnificent plants, including their evolution and biology, as well as how to grow them in a home environment. If you have an orchid at home which needs help or perhaps a re-potting, feel free to bring it along during your visit and we’ll be glad to help.