The Weston Priory – A Peaceful Retreat For All

Vermont Retreat

Why do people come to Vermont? It is a question we ask of all our guests. “So, what brings you here?”. Most of the time the answer is, “we just wanted to get away”. I always leave it at that, but I wonder-“away from what?” Kids? Work? Parents? Stress? Life in general? As I discuss their visit here and “things to do”, I always recommend the Weston Priory. It is a calming, peaceful place where the Benedictine brothers live a life of prayer and service. ( There are prayer services several times each day where the brothers chanting fills your heart and soul. You need not be Christian to appreciate the peacefulness of this place. And it is only 5 miles away!!

I think The Inn at Weston itself is a stress reducer. Comfy beds, Jacuzzi for two, fireplaces, fine wine, wonderful food-what more could you want? Well, sometimes not only do our bodies need nourishment and comfort but our souls do, as well.
We all need moments of peace and quiet. We live in a very turbulent time-too much going on to process it all. In Winter-all the physically challenging activities-cross country, skiing, snow shoeing, ice skating and ,of course, downhill skiing, and in Summer-long walks in the woods, hiking along the Appalachian Trail, walking around Lowell Lake, swimming in one of Vermont’s many watering holes, taking a bike ride on one of Vermont’s beautiful roads, picnics by the waterfall or just driving around Vermont’s picturesque countryside-these are all wonderful physical stress reducers but sometimes we need more.

Vermont InnSo, it seems to me, that Vermont, The Weston Priory, and The Inn at Weston all provide a wonderful opportunity to get some “down time” for body, mind and soul.

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